7 Ways to Boss Up Boxed Brownie Mix

7 Ways to Boss Up Boxed Brownie Mix


Boxed brownies are decent. They’ll do, in a hurry. But to make them taste their best, you have to think… outside the box.

Sorry, sorry. Here are seven ways to make your boxed brownies taste homemade:


1. Substitute the vegetable oil for a different fat. Butter, coconut oil, and olive oil all add intriguing taste notes to the brownies.




 2. Add a dash of salt. Salt opens flavor doors to worlds you’ve never imagined. Do yourself a favor and make sure to add a little salt to everything you make, sweet or savory.


double3. Double the fat. Whatever fat you decide on using, put in twice as much as the box calls for. This is an instant way to make your brownies rich and moist.



 4. Add a tablespoon of instant coffee. Even if you hate coffee, you should try it! You won’t taste coffee, per se, just an interesting note of bitterness that contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the brownies.


choco chips


5. Add an extra handful of chocolate chips. Usually boxed mixes already have some, but adding more will send your brownies over-the-top!



6. Throw in some vanilla extract. If your box recipe does not call for vanilla extract, be sure to add in a teaspoon or so! You can also experiment with other extracts you have in your pantry (almond, rum— the choice is yours! Just don’t add essential oils, even if the girl you get them from swears they’re safe to eat.)




7. And finally, the best trick I’ve found is to “underbake” your brownies! It’s hard to perfect— you want them to be safe to consume and not watery batter, but still moist and lovely. I suggest baking your brownies the least amount of time the box suggests for your baking pan size and then adjust from there.


Do you have any tips to make your boxed brownies better? Comment them below!

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  • Lauren Mitchell
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