The Gluten Free Scanner App - Enjoy Gluten Free Living

The Gluten Free Scanner App  - Enjoy Gluten Free Living



If you're a sensitive celiac like Lauren, there is no better tool than The Gluten Free Scanner App. It lets you know if there is any kind of gluten-containing ingredient in anything with a barcode. It is a lifesaver at the grocery store, especially when dealing with foods that have ingredient lists that look like an organic chemistry textbook. 

They have a free version that works as well as the paid. However, if you use the app as much as we do, the nominal fee is worth the upgrade. Links to the Apple and Google App Stores are on Developers Web Site. 

From the Developers Web SiteIt works simply and fast, using your phone camera to scan the barcodes of the products you buy. We maintain up-to-date the largest database of food and drink products of the US, to detect the presence of gluten. Over 500,000+ products and growing. A team of dietitians, nutritionists and researchers take care of the accuracy of our database.
TOP ONE Gluten Free app on the USA App Store, with more than half a million users.

Note: We are endorsing and are not compensated for the endorsement. It's just an extremely valuable resource that we can't help but share!

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  • Lauren Mitchell
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